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Grow Your Business, Brand, or Ministry. 

When can you rightfully begin calling yourself a writer or an author?

As soon as you begin writing!

How Does Becoming an Author Help Your
Business, Brand or Ministry?

“A well-crafted book is clearly the crown jewel of credibility.”

Lee Frederiksen

author of Spiraling Up

“As a consultant, I’ve created many important but intangible things. I’ve set up new divisions, established leadership teams, cut costs and transformed businesses. These are great things to do – but invisible.  My book is visible. I can, and do, point to it. My clients have it on their shelves. It’s even in the British Library, where it will outlive me.”

Jane Northcote

author of Making Change Happen

“It’s mechanically very simple to assemble a book but somehow your fame, your respect goes up considerably if you have a book to your name. If you give someone a book it’s five dollars of paper and cardboard marked up triple yet somehow it has this patina of ‘Oh my gosh, that’s wonderful! You gave me a book! Thank you!’ People respect it.”

Charles H Green

co-author of The Trusted Advisor

“A book is a great way of reaching and talking to hard to access senior decision makers (no one tends to turn down the chance to be interviewed to feature in a book).”

Heather Townsend

author of The FT Guide to Business Networking

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you,”
said Maya Angelou.

The Following Benefits Can Be Yours When You Become an Author.

  • Instant Credibility  as ‘the author of the upcoming book…’

  • Authority because you are percieved as one who is in the ‘know’.

  • Recognized as an Expert in your business.

  • Respect because you are a credible expert and an authority in your industry.

  • Exposure when your book is published, shared by other authors and read by your future clients.

  • Great Public Relations Opportunities.

  • Possible creation of several revenue streams.

  • Speaking Opportunities coming your way.  

  • New leads for your business.

There is more than one way to write your book.
(and we can help you with both)

Write Your

Own Book 


Join Other Authors to Write a Book Together.  

These Are the Benefits You Receive When You Co-Author a Book:

 * Save time and receive all the benefits of writing a book without having to do all the work by yourself.

* Build more credibility working with others.

* Better bang for your marketing resources & increased opportunities to build your network, increasing your leads.

How About Starting With One of These Two Books?


If You Believe ‘Your Work is Your Worship’, We Want to Hear From You.


Below Are Some Books We’ve Co-authored (1 of which became a best-seller) and One We Published.

Click Here for a Sample of a Free eBook for Marketing Your Upcoming Book.

You can find an Amazon Author page here:

Angela’s Amazon Author Page

We are inviting 12 Individuals who believe ‘their work is their worship’ to co-author one of our two upcoming books:

(Above Covers are an Example, not the Actual Covers)

What We Do For You


  • Edit Your Book

  • Design Your Book Cover & Contents

  • Create Your eBook for Your Use and to Sell

  • Give You Full Copyright to Your Chapter for Your Own Marketing Purposes

  • Provide You with Printed Copies of Your Book on Demand, at Cost, for Your Speaking Engagements, etc.


  • Publish Your Book

  • Distribute Your Book

  • Market Your Book on Our Websites and Social Media

  • Sell Your Book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, and Apple

  • Private ‘Light of the World Books’ Facebook Page for Our Authors to Connect and Build Community, to Cross-market


  • Provide Weekly ‘Author Training Webinars’ Covering a Range of Topics Related to Writing Your Chapter and Marketing Your Book

  • Provide Step by Step Instructions to Write Your Chapter and Market Your Book

  • ‘Authors Only’ Resources on the Website


  • Build You a Beautiful Author Website So You Can Sell Your ebook and Soft-cover Book (optional and additional investment)

  • Manage Your Marketing and Public Relations (optional and additional investment)

Here’s How It Works. 

Step 1:

  1. You fill in the form below to let us know you want to be one of our authors or co-authors.
  2. We schedule a Discovery Session with you to see if we are a fit.
  3. If we are, we send you our Proposal/Contract letter for you to review, sign, submit your deposit.
  4. You have immediate access to our ‘Authors Only’ Brief page on our site so you know what to do and how to write your chapter.
  5. Once you complete your chapter, you send it into our professional editor who will tweak and perfect your copy.
  6. Your edited chapter is sent back to you for your final approval.
  7. Your approved edited chapter is then made into a professional eBook for you so you can place it on your website as a marketing giveaway and also build excitement for the upcoming book.

Step 2:

  1. Once all the chapters are edited, you submit your final investment.
  2. All the chapters are professionally published in one book and then distributed worldwide.
  3. You will receive the entire book as an ebook to sell on your site.
  4. You can order as many soft-cover books as you like to sell.
  5. You, and the other 11 authors share and market your book for a wide-reach to markets you’d otherwise not have access to.

Are You Ready to be a light in Your Family, Community, Workplace, or Church?


ALL of the Above Value – Manage, Market, Mentor & More…
For an Investment of only $749:
Step 1 – $200
Step 2 – $549


IF You Own a Business and Place Your Website in Your Bio, Your Chapter Can Be a Tax Write-Off (check with your accountant to confirm in your specific case).


(We also offer a $100 referral fee which we apply toward the cost of your chapter for each author whom you send our way and who we invite to co-author one of our books).


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